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Relationships with fantasies

Today we’re gonna discuss a fairly simple yet obvious fact about relationships. I once had a girlfriend that was like any other girlfriend. You know, the type of chick that believes that when in love a relationship seeps into this quiet little corner with only two people in it. That was before we got tho the idea that there were alternatives to her. She went ballistic.

Now, the fun part about this is that that’s most women. For some odd reason every woman thinks that a relationship with them means that they were, are and will be the only person that revolves around the mind of their significant other. Now the problem with that, ladies, is that it’s a false assumption. The only reason why you got there first was either that you had innitiative or were the most available and not because you had something special. I mean if you considere all things logically everyone can like more than one person and a working relationship is never the first one so in any eventuality it all comes down to trial and error. I tried for hours to explain this simple fact to my girlfriend but somehow, even if women are considered the smarter sex, can not comprehend even this simplest of things.

Put more bluntly I will try to explain the same idea for the simplest of minds: You are not unique ladies!

Another thing that cranks my gears is when you want to find out about our sexual history. Now this is one of the moments that we all try to avoid but at some point becomes really apparent. Now we really don’t ask you about your history because quite frankly we really don’t want to know where the fuck it’s been.  We take pride in our own achievements when it comes to how many people we’ve fucked. Besides; have you ever hear us ask you about why you’re not a virgin anymore? ….Well, unless you’re talking to daddy of course. In any case women have a strange compulsion when it comes to relationships. Get over it, it’s not the end of the world or anything. I personally prefer a woman who’s already had some experience as opposed to someone that doesn’t even know how to do a proper blowjob. It’s over-rated, over-obsessive and all around stupid. Be happy that you’re the one that person aknowlages as your significant other and not one of the other 5 girls (or guys in some cases) they had in mind.