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Your mom’s web hosting

So…it’s that time again. The end of another project just a bit over deadline (ah..yeah. ­čÖé ) and it’s time to go┬áballistic. It’s time to take out the axes, the┬áchainmail and the scolding hot oil. Web development is like sex in a lot of ways. In the beginning you get naked, everything’s clean, you create atmosphere or in this case set up privileges, create a basic folder structure. And for a while it’s good. The “sheets” (get it? cause you have scripts in….umm…nevermind) are still clean. But then it goes on….and on….and on and some times you’re asked to do things you really really don’t wanna do but have to because you’re obligated or the other party’s gonna get pissed…..*couch*

And after a while you either get bored of it or things just get crazy and out of hand and the whole thing becomes one huge mess.

But when it’s all over you stand back, take a deep breath and either get a huge smile on your face just thinking about it or go “Ah…damn. Ok, that never happened.”. Thankfully this time it ended up being the former but looking back I can’t help but think about how much I’ve evolved and how much I’ve learned along this project as probably is the case for my┬ácolleagues as well and how much I’ll be taking with me to the next and how I could make it work better, In the end I guess there aren’t any bad projects just a right time for each one. We live, we learn and in the very end it’s what separates a professional programmer from a good one.