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Overkill on ABCs

It’s SPRING ladies and gentlemen. Butterflies, birds, cats, dogs, fish and maybe even gerbils. It’s a conspiracy but I’ll take it. I’m in way too good of a mood not to.

So the topic of the day is simple. Yesterday I was out with someone and it was a fun night even if a bit time consuming. So we got to talking about the current school system. Actually it all started out with one of said someone’s professors saying that video is not really an art. Now this isn’t actually the first time I’ve come to this discussion. A couple of weeks back I actually had a similar discussion with another friend who shall remain anonymous for the purpose of this discussion where we got into an argument about what art really is. Is it just painting, music, sculpture? Or is it more than that? I mean technically speaking the fact that I can copy and mime someone else’s work to the letter doesn’t make me an artist but it does make me a hell of a good professional. But then what do we have to say about Antonio Stradivari or all the craftsman that made the furniture for the french royal palace? Willie Wonka!

Can you really define art as being a solid structure of supposed free flowing thoughts put on paper, stone or textile? Wasn’t art supposed to be the imprint of one man’s soul into his work? Something done with so much thought, care and passion that it strikes a feeling of awe into anyone that looks at it? Sorry to all the people in the art community but I have to say that art has become a shallow social club where people simply try to consider themselves better than others through the fact that they can draw a straight line without a ruler and add a shadow to a drawing. And more over what does this say about the school teachers or college professors that were supposed to inspire us to be better people and to love what they’re doing? Have we really gotten to such a low that we actually not only fail to  inspire the next generation to do wonderful things and carry on what we’ve thought them but also bludgeon our own carrier choice for no apparent reason other than our own misery?

I for one honestly think that teachers like this should be put to a wall and shot for their incompetence. In some measure the stupidity of this generation can be linked directly back to them. To over- or under protective parents, teachers that fail to inspire us and seek to make our life hell in everything we do even when it’s something they themselves try to teach us all leading up to a job where too much is expected of you and too little proves the fact that you might be worth something. In retrospect my life would hardly qualify as a measuring stick to what others might think. So I’ll simply leave it to you folks and see what you think about it. Am I imagining it all or is school really going to hell?


Something wrong with that picture

I wake up in the morning and right of the bat my first thought of the day is “I love society”. You wanna know why that is people? …….I’ll tell you anyway asshole! It’s because of all the morons. Every morning I have a ritual. Wake up -> drink tea/eat breakfast -> Go to work -> check my social networks -> ch……wait. Back up a second.

Now the thing about social networks is that you have all your friends and bands and such in one place. So when a picture like this comes along…

I mean….holy shit. It’s the ass of the chick from “The ring” or in my country more appropriately “Ghiulu'”. Now some of you might think that this is a one time thing. But it’s not. I see something like this about 5 times a day. Now what the hell is wrong with this world? I can think of at least 3 things that are wrong with this picture.

2. What the hell is it with the over-sized flowers? (and glitter art in other places. it’s like the person has a LITERALLY sparkling personality. Someone light a match)
3. Is….is that a messenger ID on her photo? It is, isn’t it? Is this chick  so desperate that she’s throwing her ID at possible perverts all over the net? This kid had no love from her parents as a child. I’d imagine that she get raped while still in school.

I’m kidding…… BUT REALLY. This is some stupid shit. And for some reason this isn’t the only thing I don’t get. Others use other moronic means to do the same shit. Like taking photos in mirrors with their phone. Wow. Good job Sherlock. Mommy and daddy don’t know that you like posing in your PJs and posting them all over the internet. And more over, the quality of the photo isn’t good enough to put on a food stamp.

With something so stupid on the internet every morning it just makes me feel better about being me. Honestly, photos like this make listening to say…..Bjork almost bearable. And that’s some scary shit right there. So if you wanna be considered a moron that’s crying out for attention just stay away from mirrors while taking photos, stop with the glitter art cause people might think you’re dissipating in front of the camera and ask your parents to buy you a normal camera. Phones were never meant to take photos. It’s a novelty feature at best.

Oh….and there’s this website called that has a lot more of these type of people that usually cracks me up. Check it out, laugh your ass off and take notes on what NOT to do in front of a camera.

Cheers ladies and gents.