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Out of Service

I realize that I’ve been neglecting my duties towards my fans lately (all 3 of ’em……bastards) and it’s been some time since my last post but I assure everyone that it’s not that I didn’t want to write. In fact there is nothing I would’ve loved better. It’s just that…you know. Being sick, quitting a job, being bored, no internet, no ideas, saving the world, doing old ladies for fun and profit…….ok, I kid. Of course I had ideas.

To be fair and honest I really have a lot on my hands and it’s been sort of a bum month for me. I recently lost my job for reasons I won’t get into and from the lack of getting out my health’s been deteriorating so it’s really sad and I just don’t know what to do about it. More over I’ve been thinking about getting some vlog put up. For anyone that is not currently living in the 21st century, vloging is the video version of a blog which I’m guessing is a bulletin log. Anyway, I’ve been thinking a lot about this idea but have yet to come to a meaningful conclusion. I mean would anybody watch it outside the 3 people that actually help me┬ápropagate┬áthis shit? I dunno. But then again there might be an advantage to it seeing as most of the people that come to this website are so retarded that they can’t even READ my blog much less give a comment or feedback on it. If computers were to take over the world I’m guessing it wouldn’t be such a hard job seeing as most people can’t even read without one.

My other problem these days is that I’m just pretty much out of ideas. I’ve tried doing models which is half finished and still needs stuff done and PLEASE FOR THE NAME OF ALL THAT IS HOLY DON’T MAKE ME CONTINUE ON THAT THING… least for a while. So I’m in kind of a bind as to what would actually merit being modeled in 3D keeping in mind that it’s something I’ll want to sell. With all the competition and all the needs, what would make a worthwhile model? I’m gladly accepting any ideas you can throw at me on the subject as long as they’re logical ones. I’m not about to model you or your grandma or pet squirrel…..well…not now at least. Later on I will be accepting nude big breasted…ah…I mean female models which I WILL in fact be modeling in full feature.

Till then I’m expecting comments as always and tradition being I’m really not expecting anything.