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Buying the seller

Now I can understand and completely appreciate the compensating effects of buying and selling and producing but from what ungodly force does the persuit of happiness include the necessity of buying overpriced and underproductive products (i think there’s a problem in the interconnectivity itself alone). We have 2 different and gigantic malls where we go and practice our social skills by buying totally useless and/or meaningless things at x3 the price. What demonic presence possesses anyone to buy a cup of coffee from Starbucks at 17,00 a cup or a pizza at 30,00 when I can get all these things at better quality in a nice little delly in the center, not going so far and at the same time at a quarter of the price (if interested I’ll gladdly give an address).

It’s pointless folks. We shop till we drop, max out a few credit cards to buy things we’ll never use or we don’t even like just because a force called “social standard” tells us to. Well here’s my oppinnion on social standard: It’s something someone invented a long time ago to set a scale of what’s polite and acceptable which was good for the romans and the greeks but today we have so much diversity that we overtrack ourselves. Now if this is the case in a world where we have 50 genres of music, 300+ national/ethnic/religious groups, 60 different styles and 30 different ways of living life comfortably assumed by 6 billion people who the hell am I to trust that the standards that someone tell me about are for me or not. Are you kidding me?

People, wake up. There’s more to buying than a brand. If you just wanna buy shit go to a junkyard and ask “Hank” what’s for sale. Or give your money to an orphanage or better yet give it to me “big spender”. It’s disgraceful and stupid. I’ll just go eat my cheep but really good salami and drink a can of Timisoreana and I’ll enjoy it because I actually like it. So there. Go choke on a D&G tie you overpriced pricks!