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Cafe ‘Umbra de Noapte’ News

So there’s this Cafe I used to go to frequently before I got sick called ‘Umbra de Noapte’ or ‘Nightshade’ where all that’s black in the city end up eventually. No….not Ethiopian. I’m talking about the other black. The kind that listens to Sisters of Mercy and Morrissey and Dimmu and Genitorturers and…ok, I’m getting off track here but the point is that it’s the other white meat. Anyway the cafe is a really nice place to visit whether you’re on a date or just looking to have an afternoon cup of the biggest selection of tea I’ve seen in any cafe and some days you get to see some really nice gothic lo……ah….right.

So it turns out that the place is inviting the other branches of the genus black with all new theme days so this beginning January 19 every Tuesday you get to rock out with…well, what ever you’ve got at “Metal Cafe”. Black, doom, death, gothic, power, thrash, heavy…if you need 3 hands to hold a cord and you like getting a nosebleed from the drums then this is your lucky day.

Thursdays it’s time to say it’s different, it’s time to say…..that…other thing…what’s that word? “Alternative Cafe”! That’s it. Everything alternative while….while still..sticking to the darker side of things…. WELL IT’S A GOTHIC CAFE, so of course it’s gonna be dark. I like Pearl Jam two but don’t worry your pretty little heads about it. You still get bands like Skunk Anansie, Garbage, Guano Apes, My Chemical Romance, 4 Non Blondes, Placebo, Eskobar, Depeche Mode, Staind and many more so bring get the old T-shirt out of the closet cause we’re bringing it back to style.

If you’re a regular you already know and if you’re not you should know and should be spanked for it. If you’re…18 and a double D with blond hair and…..ha, right! Sundays are as usual for all the fans (me included) you get the old, the new but still the perfect medieval influence with all your favorites. Whether it’s classic medieval or new age darkwave it’s there for your listening pleasure while.

So what happens with the rest of the days I didn’t discuss? “Cafe Umbra” of course. “Gothic, EBM, Industrial, Horrorpunk, Darkwave… we got(h) it all!”. Hey! They wrote it, not me but they have a point. It’s dark, it’s classy and it’s so there you can almost smell the incense and candle. So whatever your style they’ve got it and remember…it’s not all about the music. It’s about the style and the company. So if you live in Cluj or just simply visiting and you’re wardrobe is more than 70% black make sure to visit the cafe in Cluj Napoca’s center on Georges Clemenceau street nr. 7. For more info and also the same information in romanian (which I no longer do due to viewers of more than 3 nationalities) visit their website at Also I’m including a flier for the same info cause a friend made it and it’s twice more visual than my text is.

So till the next time……I dunno…go do something useful. Find a new way method of transportation without fossil fuels or something. And visit the cafe. See you all there. Cheers.




Ok, listen up kiddies. I have a special announcement to make this week. As a favor to a friend and hopefully a free pass if I get enough people interested I’m here to present a pa-pa-pa-paaaaaaarty! Yes, ladies and gents. It’s time to put your party hats on get your cowboy boots out of the closet cause Dolly Parton is commin’ to town. YEEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAW!

Now seriously kiddies. This is a rarely seen opportunity in our little town and a damn good one at that. I’m talking Genitorturers, Skinny Puppy, Deine Lakaien, Zombie Girl, Diary of Dreams, She Wants Revenge, Zeromancer and I’m damn well (hoping) I’m talking about Jack Off Jill. That’s right kiddies. Next Friday, that is January the 15th if you’re living in an alternate universe where they don’t read timestamps. It’s gonna be huge. It’s gonna be awesome. It’s gonna….mean you suck ass if you don’t ask your mom for 10 RON and move your ass over to Club King in Cluj Napoca and join the fun.

Now the way I understand it it’s gonna be a nice turn out with good DJs (especially since I know the people DJ 😛 ) and you get a free shot of tequila if all else fails. Now I’m hoping that I can at least round up a few people and to make things fair I’m gonna share my influence a bit. My proposal is this: You guys comment your favorite gothic/industrial/gothic industrial (whatever that is) bands, add a song, add more than one if you can’t decide and pass this post along till it goes viral and I’ll try to get my the forms signed in triplicate, sent, queried, sent back, memorized, retyped and maaaaaaybe you’ll get to hear it friday.

I’m just joking. I’ll try to help on my part and hope that everyone can help us make this whole thing as memorable as possible. Now GO SLAVES! And I’ll see you all at the party.

Cheers plebs.