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After-party special

Welcome boys and girls. As you know I’ve been advertising this party for the past week in every way imaginable. No, I did not get payed for it and if you don’t know about it you can just bite me. You’re probably the reason why I’m doing this review anyway.

So let’s get into the bare boned details. I had so high expectations for this party and so did a lot of other people but thanks to a lot of morons that just have to ruin everyone else’s moments the turn out was actually quite small. And mostly we have some bad advertising and even worse mass messaging to thank for that. I mean I keep telling you people to comment and send my blog to your friends but some of you have selective reading abilities that impede you from actually doing a good deed. But anyway, where was I?

Oh yeah. The party. Well, there’s not much to say at this poing. It was interesting. Although the turn-out wasn’t all that huge the people that actually did come made a hell of a difference, from old friends to new people, good music and a lot of eye candy that I never got a phone number from. Now for those of you that may be interested for any upcoming events I have the words straight from the horse’s mouth:

Will there be any future events?
Yes , but it all depends on the people coming to these events,if people want them… they’ll get more parties. (so basically, you need to get your heads out of your asses and convince your friends)

When can we expect these events?
I think we’re gonna organize these parties once every couple of weeks or two months. We don’t want people to get so used to them as to get bored of them.

What can we expect to be different next time around?
Every party is going to be different from the other. For the next event we’re thinking of adding more new wave,post-punk,  EBM and such.

So in conclusion I’ll leave you kids with some photos from the last party and I sincerely hope that the next time you’ll join us in promoting these events if for nothing else just to show all the other european countries that we too have a goth niche.




Ok, listen up kiddies. I have a special announcement to make this week. As a favor to a friend and hopefully a free pass if I get enough people interested I’m here to present a pa-pa-pa-paaaaaaarty! Yes, ladies and gents. It’s time to put your party hats on get your cowboy boots out of the closet cause Dolly Parton is commin’ to town. YEEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAW!

Now seriously kiddies. This is a rarely seen opportunity in our little town and a damn good one at that. I’m talking Genitorturers, Skinny Puppy, Deine Lakaien, Zombie Girl, Diary of Dreams, She Wants Revenge, Zeromancer and I’m damn well (hoping) I’m talking about Jack Off Jill. That’s right kiddies. Next Friday, that is January the 15th if you’re living in an alternate universe where they don’t read timestamps. It’s gonna be huge. It’s gonna be awesome. It’s gonna….mean you suck ass if you don’t ask your mom for 10 RON and move your ass over to Club King in Cluj Napoca and join the fun.

Now the way I understand it it’s gonna be a nice turn out with good DJs (especially since I know the people DJ 😛 ) and you get a free shot of tequila if all else fails. Now I’m hoping that I can at least round up a few people and to make things fair I’m gonna share my influence a bit. My proposal is this: You guys comment your favorite gothic/industrial/gothic industrial (whatever that is) bands, add a song, add more than one if you can’t decide and pass this post along till it goes viral and I’ll try to get my the forms signed in triplicate, sent, queried, sent back, memorized, retyped and maaaaaaybe you’ll get to hear it friday.

I’m just joking. I’ll try to help on my part and hope that everyone can help us make this whole thing as memorable as possible. Now GO SLAVES! And I’ll see you all at the party.

Cheers plebs.