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Youtube: Bashing at it’s best

First off I’d like to thank everyone that helped yesterday with making my blog go public. It was really nice to see my blog stats jumping for a chance and hopefully with a little effort on my part and a lot of support from others (thanks to Ana and Dora….and if I didn’t mention anyone it’s probably cause they were so subtle it escaped me 😛 ) I’ll be able to make something of this blog.

Now on to the word of the day:

For those of you that don’t know what the word actually means I’ll try to clarify a bit. As described by an entry on Urban Dictionary bashing or flaming is ‘The concept of saying rude things about a certain subject over the Internet.’ at least in a nutshell. Now there are a million and one ways of achieving this but one that I remembered this morning is something called ‘Literal Videos’ that my brother showed me a while back. Instead of explaining it I’m just gonna show you what I’m talking about.

Eh? What did I tell you? Funny as fu…….. NO?! Well up yours too buddy! Who needs you?

I know…I’m sad. 😦

So…In closing I’d like anyone that would like to share some of their funny flame videos to do so in the comment section. Just include the URL cause I don’t know how WordPress reacts to comments having embedded content but I’ll soon start making layouts based on WP templates so that would hopefully mean a makeover of the blog if you kiddies play nice, share and comment on the blog. 😉

To the Batcave. (I really don’t know why Bob Kane felt the need to add “Bat-” in front of everything that belonged to Batman)