“Do you understand me boy with Down Syndrome?”

Sometimes it’s just really weird how the obvious meaning of something completely evades some people. I’m surprised they got out of pubirty like that. It’s just frustrating that some people lack the basic concept of what I try to say in my blogs. I should try and get some help like all the politicians problem is I don’t wanna start a blog about lies. But back to the point it’s really surprising how simple words invented ages ago, learned by millions and still we have to explain stuff 20 times before someone still gets it…

So basicly it’s frustrating. I don’t even know sometimes why we have so many languages. I mean sure if you believe that God did this to us it must be really fucked up but if not then it’s just really weird. Someone said once that we should all fuck till we’re the same color. I say throw in the linguistics and I’m in. Either that or just please shoot the mother fucker that doesn’t understand me!

Now to clear things up from a conversation I had with a friend earlier:

I really don’t hate everyone. There are actually some really nice people out there that I wish I could know and get closer to. There are lately people I get along with really well and I’m extremely happy for that…but don’t expect me to mix with every piece of shit out there and try to be understanding of them. If people hate me that much then I have every right to start an all out war.

Now where did I leave that shotgun?


TV on the fritz

Have any of you ever realized what a few years of TV series could do to people? Let’s think back a bit. I’ve spent a great portion of my childhood watching TV and there was only one real channel that I considered worth watching. Cartoon Network. I learned most of my social skills and frankly english from those shows. Nowadays all you have is some stupid shows with everyday superheroes going through puberty. I mean what the hell is this? Where did all the older guys go with the cool catch phrases and rock music go to? Let’s review a bit shall we?

Ben 10

Aired: 2005 – 2008
Concept: A 3rd grade kid with some watch that changes him into aliens

Swat Kats

Aired: 1993 – 1994
Concept: Two really awesome cats that fly a modified military jet. Fast, brutal and totally cool.

Teen Titens

Aired: 2003 – 2006
Concept: Pint sized versions of superhero sidekicks from a bunch of comics. Lame dude.

Batman Beyond

Aired: 1999 – 2001
Concept: After Bruce Wayne gets old he finds a new guy to help save the day. Double the action, triple the gadgets. 😉 And the theme song is awesom.

So you see kids, it’s really simple. The new shit sucks ass. The only show that’s even worth mentioning is Skyhawks and that’s couse I like what they’ve done with the 3d graphics. Want more? Animaniacs, Freakazoid, Beetlejuice and many more. I’m done. I’ll go back to my ’90s comics and shows. You’ll grow up to be braindead and socially inapt. Bring back the oldskool…..fuck!

I wanna be a superhero

I’m so fucking tired of being tired. It’s just one of those things that God invented as a cruel joke for humanity to progress at a slow and fashionable pase. I wanna be a superhero (obviously as that’s the title of this post). I’d call myself “Insomnia man”. And I wouldn’t have super-gay tights. Oh no. I’d be really awesom with grunged out pants and a cup of endless coffee as a weapon. My MO would be pissing people off to the point where they become manic or suicidal. I’d spend nights jacking off to porn after which I’d learn newer and newer stuff and putting them to good use.

Honestly I just wanna get rid of the headaches and the drowsiness. I wanna be able to stay up as late as possible or even, dare I say it, never sleep at all. I mean really, what’s the point of spending 8 to 12 hours rolling around in one place with your eyes closed completely oblivious to the world? I want my brain to function 24/7 without having to deal with something so useless. I wanna stay up and howle at the moon or drink a beer while watching the stars. Besides, the best part, I get to stay up while every other moron is in bed tossing and turning.

So please…if you hear of someone that’s giving out superhero status just let me know.

Buying the seller

Now I can understand and completely appreciate the compensating effects of buying and selling and producing but from what ungodly force does the persuit of happiness include the necessity of buying overpriced and underproductive products (i think there’s a problem in the interconnectivity itself alone). We have 2 different and gigantic malls where we go and practice our social skills by buying totally useless and/or meaningless things at x3 the price. What demonic presence possesses anyone to buy a cup of coffee from Starbucks at 17,00 a cup or a pizza at 30,00 when I can get all these things at better quality in a nice little delly in the center, not going so far and at the same time at a quarter of the price (if interested I’ll gladdly give an address).

It’s pointless folks. We shop till we drop, max out a few credit cards to buy things we’ll never use or we don’t even like just because a force called “social standard” tells us to. Well here’s my oppinnion on social standard: It’s something someone invented a long time ago to set a scale of what’s polite and acceptable which was good for the romans and the greeks but today we have so much diversity that we overtrack ourselves. Now if this is the case in a world where we have 50 genres of music, 300+ national/ethnic/religious groups, 60 different styles and 30 different ways of living life comfortably assumed by 6 billion people who the hell am I to trust that the standards that someone tell me about are for me or not. Are you kidding me?

People, wake up. There’s more to buying than a brand. If you just wanna buy shit go to a junkyard and ask “Hank” what’s for sale. Or give your money to an orphanage or better yet give it to me “big spender”. It’s disgraceful and stupid. I’ll just go eat my cheep but really good salami and drink a can of Timisoreana and I’ll enjoy it because I actually like it. So there. Go choke on a D&G tie you overpriced pricks!

Relationships with fantasies

Today we’re gonna discuss a fairly simple yet obvious fact about relationships. I once had a girlfriend that was like any other girlfriend. You know, the type of chick that believes that when in love a relationship seeps into this quiet little corner with only two people in it. That was before we got tho the idea that there were alternatives to her. She went ballistic.

Now, the fun part about this is that that’s most women. For some odd reason every woman thinks that a relationship with them means that they were, are and will be the only person that revolves around the mind of their significant other. Now the problem with that, ladies, is that it’s a false assumption. The only reason why you got there first was either that you had innitiative or were the most available and not because you had something special. I mean if you considere all things logically everyone can like more than one person and a working relationship is never the first one so in any eventuality it all comes down to trial and error. I tried for hours to explain this simple fact to my girlfriend but somehow, even if women are considered the smarter sex, can not comprehend even this simplest of things.

Put more bluntly I will try to explain the same idea for the simplest of minds: You are not unique ladies!

Another thing that cranks my gears is when you want to find out about our sexual history. Now this is one of the moments that we all try to avoid but at some point becomes really apparent. Now we really don’t ask you about your history because quite frankly we really don’t want to know where the fuck it’s been.  We take pride in our own achievements when it comes to how many people we’ve fucked. Besides; have you ever hear us ask you about why you’re not a virgin anymore? ….Well, unless you’re talking to daddy of course. In any case women have a strange compulsion when it comes to relationships. Get over it, it’s not the end of the world or anything. I personally prefer a woman who’s already had some experience as opposed to someone that doesn’t even know how to do a proper blowjob. It’s over-rated, over-obsessive and all around stupid. Be happy that you’re the one that person aknowlages as your significant other and not one of the other 5 girls (or guys in some cases) they had in mind.

Reintroduced to the wild

Welcome one — and all! to my new and improved blog on the gloriously stylish wordpress format. Today begins a new era of dominating your mind not only with my own junk but the mistifying look and feel of an up to date server. Cheers. Saddly seeing as my eyes already feel heavier than a trailer-mom’s ass cheeks I’m not even gonna try to do anything with sprusing the place up till tomorrow BUT…….I just really felt the urge to tell you that I am alive and well and can be found at my new address at Medicated Logic with the same link as the name in case you can’t figgure that out for yourself.


Stay tuned and we’ll get started on our brand new and totally exciting topics as soon as I get 48 hours of rest starting with WOMEN! Won’t that be fun? Thought so. So don’t forget to bookmark and beat it.

Oh…and I’m watching you! Indeed. The lovely new server actually gives me the power to see how, where and when the posts were viewed……so think happy thoughts. Big brother knows best.