Have you ever had the feeling that there is some sort of weird plan, some…sick and twisted part of the universe that’s just out to get you? I’m asking cause I’ve had that feeling for a while now. Like I’m the only one that gets it stuck to for no apparent reason. I’ve tried running the numbers and what I came up with is just impossible. There is no way that so many things could happen the way they do unless there is some purposeful force of nature that just has it in for me.

Some times I honestly think there’s a reason for that. But then again I probably deserver it to some extent. Maybe it’s karma. At this point I’m honestly prepared to believe anything. Either that or I finally reached my limit and need to be put down. Any thoughts?


Of god and moron

Now I know you all believe in one thing or another like god, or gods or cheese cake. But see I have a really hard time believing that there is a divine plan or someone that looks out for me if only I pray, run around naked in a cemetery or sacrifice kittens. Sometimes i just don’t know why anyone would believe in this crap. Is the 21st century so unpredictable and supernatural that we have to find alternative means of explaining our existence? Are we so desperate to find something to ground us to some mediocre existence that we need supernatural beings that shoot lightning out of their ass  to look out for us? Do we really need to consider that our parents, grandparents and dead dog are looking down on us right before an act of self-gratifying masturbation? Honestly if that’s your idea of existence than you need to get your head checked and locked away for a few weeks with no food, water or warmth and see if god really saves you from your misery. Against all odds you should think about this: If he really exists than he went out of his way to make your life suck worse than it could in most cases and the only reason why you’re not in a wheelchair is because somebody always has to be worse of than you.

Now enough of my personal life and on to more important things. A week from now it’s March the 5th and you should know what that means! It’s the debut to Tim Burton’s latest wonder, Alice in Wonderland. Now if you’re a die hard fan of his work you’re probably excited as I am. That is I would be if I didn’t have genocidal tendencies for the past months building up. Sad to say if you’re a die hard fan you probably woke up earlier than I did and already took the good seats in the theatre before I could in which case you need to DIE NOW! So I guess my luck has run out in everything as usual but hopefully I’ll still get to see the movie on the 6th. If now, I’ll seriously need to hurt someone.

In closing kids,
remember that I hate….ah…..always use thick, plated armor as a flotation device when going swimming.


Social Networking and U

So I’m guessing this isn’t a really new topic for most of you out there since these days almost everyone is mixed up in this moronic yet somehow satisfying thing called social networking. But surprisingly enough most people I’ve talked to either don’t know social networking by its name but uses it on a regular basis or hints at what social networking might be but doesn’t like the concept of it. So let’s dive right in and see what a a pile of shit can do for you and vice versa.

So what exactly is social networking? Well, starting with those of you that don’t know the name of it it’s basically every single website where you get to literally sift through shit, whether it’s people, articles, information or commonalities, to find things that are most relevant to you. It’s Tweeter, it’s Facebook, it’s Myspace, it’s Hi5, it’s Digg, it’s Youtube, it’s….well, you get the picture. So it’s basically dynamic content filled with personalized information. But why is it different from every other website that has frequently updated content? Well let’s delve deeper.

Now I really don’t know how much of an impact this would have on most people but you’ve all (or at least most of you) hear of the term “Web 2.0”. I’ve actually spent quite some time looking into this and I have to say that I’m really inclined to ask for my money back. I mean with a name containing “2.0” you’d think that they’ve actually re-released the net in a newer, better form, right? WRONG! What a rip off, right? So what is it then? Well as far as I understand it it’s actually a term coined by Darcy DiNucci and made famous by O’Reilley Media and it was an early speculation back in the day when JS and Flash were only used as presentation tools rather than content management. It sounds like a movie trailer actually. “In a world filled with static content, a few people dared to dream..”…aham. Sorry.

So back to the point. Believe it or not even as far back as a few years ago the internet was mostly static. Web pages were all tables, information rarely changed and let’s face it, it was boring. With Web 2.0 the internet changed. But how? Well it’s pretty simple really. It let people, like you, me and anyone else, add a touch of personal to a website. Basically Web 2.0 is what lets you add info to Wikipedia, add and comment Youtube videos and, why not, let’s me give you all this info on my blog. But we’ve gone far enough.

So now that we have a basic concept of what social networking is let’s focus a bit on what it can do for us. Now most people that have actually heard of social networking limit the concept to websites you join to find friends, family and co-workers but this is rarely the case. As most people have probably have already noticed, most websites like Facebook, Hi5 (but not Myspace…Myspace sucks balls and resembles the mentally retarded emo kiddies it houses) have already started selling, managing and implementing programs to their already growing network.

“So now really…what CAN a social network do for me?”

Well obviously the most basic answer would be discovering new things about your existing friends, their friends, what they do and finding out what their birthday is without having that awkward discussion when you forget. Also you can meet new people. Friends of your friends, find people interested in the same things as you, finding a date for valentines for those of you that need something like that. But social networking can do so much more that most of you probably miss. I bet 60% of you have no idea that Facebook takes up 2% of the global bandwidth. A glossary of world facts on the CIA website  shows that in 2008 1.6 billion people are connected to the internet through computers, 4 billion people have mobile phones and let’s say that’s 2 billion overall connected to the internet. Now that would mean that there are 40 million (that’s 40.000.000) users on Facebook at any given time. So why all the hype? Well this is what 80% of all people that use the internet have no idea about. Facebook is one of the social networks involved in the universal social network project meaning that it’s built on the same framework as a bunch of other networks.

And this is where the fun part of Web 2.0 comes into play. I’ll walk you through how it works. For example I currently have a Facebook account but I need friends. So I link my Yahoo account to my Facebook account. Now, not only do I get my friends from Yahoo on my Facebook page but I also get updates on what I do on Facebook on Yahoo so it’s like having a co-worker in the office that acts as a medium between me and my boss. I do my spreadsheets with my co-worker, he takes it to the boss, the boss reviews what I’ve done and my co-worker gives me back the information. Now I have friends. So what do I do with my friends? Well, I bet everyone had videos on Youtube they’d like to share with friends. So I connect my Youtube account to my Facebook account. Now not only can I freely share all my videos with my friends on Facebook and Yahoo but I can also get recommendations on videos I should watch based on what my friends watch. So in just a couple of clicks I’ve managed to filter all the information on my webpages to find things that might interest me based on the people I share commonalities with. With a minimal effort I’ve managed to get 70% more relevant information on 2 different websites. I could do the same with websites like or or the entire CNET for that matter. So welcome to the digital age. We accept men, women, small children for every pedobear, stalkers of every age, gender or race and don’t forget to unsubscribe from Myspace cause nobody needs spam from bands and every friend suggestion ever made because of Tom.

Till the next time this is Uncle Medicated reminding you to brush your teeth after every meal.

Out of Service

I realize that I’ve been neglecting my duties towards my fans lately (all 3 of ’em……bastards) and it’s been some time since my last post but I assure everyone that it’s not that I didn’t want to write. In fact there is nothing I would’ve loved better. It’s just that…you know. Being sick, quitting a job, being bored, no internet, no ideas, saving the world, doing old ladies for fun and profit…….ok, I kid. Of course I had ideas.

To be fair and honest I really have a lot on my hands and it’s been sort of a bum month for me. I recently lost my job for reasons I won’t get into and from the lack of getting out my health’s been deteriorating so it’s really sad and I just don’t know what to do about it. More over I’ve been thinking about getting some vlog put up. For anyone that is not currently living in the 21st century, vloging is the video version of a blog which I’m guessing is a bulletin log. Anyway, I’ve been thinking a lot about this idea but have yet to come to a meaningful conclusion. I mean would anybody watch it outside the 3 people that actually help me propagate this shit? I dunno. But then again there might be an advantage to it seeing as most of the people that come to this website are so retarded that they can’t even READ my blog much less give a comment or feedback on it. If computers were to take over the world I’m guessing it wouldn’t be such a hard job seeing as most people can’t even read without one.

My other problem these days is that I’m just pretty much out of ideas. I’ve tried doing models which is half finished and still needs stuff done and PLEASE FOR THE NAME OF ALL THAT IS HOLY DON’T MAKE ME CONTINUE ON THAT THING… least for a while. So I’m in kind of a bind as to what would actually merit being modeled in 3D keeping in mind that it’s something I’ll want to sell. With all the competition and all the needs, what would make a worthwhile model? I’m gladly accepting any ideas you can throw at me on the subject as long as they’re logical ones. I’m not about to model you or your grandma or pet squirrel…..well…not now at least. Later on I will be accepting nude big breasted…ah…I mean female models which I WILL in fact be modeling in full feature.

Till then I’m expecting comments as always and tradition being I’m really not expecting anything.

Cafe ‘Umbra de Noapte’ News

So there’s this Cafe I used to go to frequently before I got sick called ‘Umbra de Noapte’ or ‘Nightshade’ where all that’s black in the city end up eventually. No….not Ethiopian. I’m talking about the other black. The kind that listens to Sisters of Mercy and Morrissey and Dimmu and Genitorturers and…ok, I’m getting off track here but the point is that it’s the other white meat. Anyway the cafe is a really nice place to visit whether you’re on a date or just looking to have an afternoon cup of the biggest selection of tea I’ve seen in any cafe and some days you get to see some really nice gothic lo……ah….right.

So it turns out that the place is inviting the other branches of the genus black with all new theme days so this beginning January 19 every Tuesday you get to rock out with…well, what ever you’ve got at “Metal Cafe”. Black, doom, death, gothic, power, thrash, heavy…if you need 3 hands to hold a cord and you like getting a nosebleed from the drums then this is your lucky day.

Thursdays it’s time to say it’s different, it’s time to say…..that…other thing…what’s that word? “Alternative Cafe”! That’s it. Everything alternative while….while still..sticking to the darker side of things…. WELL IT’S A GOTHIC CAFE, so of course it’s gonna be dark. I like Pearl Jam two but don’t worry your pretty little heads about it. You still get bands like Skunk Anansie, Garbage, Guano Apes, My Chemical Romance, 4 Non Blondes, Placebo, Eskobar, Depeche Mode, Staind and many more so bring get the old T-shirt out of the closet cause we’re bringing it back to style.

If you’re a regular you already know and if you’re not you should know and should be spanked for it. If you’re…18 and a double D with blond hair and…..ha, right! Sundays are as usual for all the fans (me included) you get the old, the new but still the perfect medieval influence with all your favorites. Whether it’s classic medieval or new age darkwave it’s there for your listening pleasure while.

So what happens with the rest of the days I didn’t discuss? “Cafe Umbra” of course. “Gothic, EBM, Industrial, Horrorpunk, Darkwave… we got(h) it all!”. Hey! They wrote it, not me but they have a point. It’s dark, it’s classy and it’s so there you can almost smell the incense and candle. So whatever your style they’ve got it and remember…it’s not all about the music. It’s about the style and the company. So if you live in Cluj or just simply visiting and you’re wardrobe is more than 70% black make sure to visit the cafe in Cluj Napoca’s center on Georges Clemenceau street nr. 7. For more info and also the same information in romanian (which I no longer do due to viewers of more than 3 nationalities) visit their website at Also I’m including a flier for the same info cause a friend made it and it’s twice more visual than my text is.

So till the next time……I dunno…go do something useful. Find a new way method of transportation without fossil fuels or something. And visit the cafe. See you all there. Cheers.


Posting for you

Ok kiddies. It’s been a long week and an even longer month trying to get this blog running instead of crawling at a slow and almost suicidal pace but it’s getting there. So the thing is this. I see that there are a lot of people that come and go on my blog and some of you people actually read what I write but you see, the problem is this. I get little to no feedback from you people. YOU DON’T NEED TO LOG IN!!!

The site does not need you to log in in order to comment. You just write a name, whatever comes to mind, and comment. And then you pass the blog along so your friends can read it. It’s that simple. I mean what is wrong with you people? Are you dyslexic? Are you blind? You can’t use a computer? Do something? Some times I think that I’m just writing this thing for myself in private. So please, comment and pass it along. I can’t promise anything but I do intend to get the blog going and eventually do some other things so later on if it gets going I might do one of those T-shirt give-aways where if you recommend the blog to enough people you get a shirt with a MedicatedLogic tag and some funny clipart or something but for now it’s just charity.

Now beyond that there’s this thing that I’m doing this month where I’m taking on new people to write on the blog. Let’s face it, two to more heads are better than one. Hmmmm…..head goooooood. *clear throat*

So the only conditions are that the person that wants to join needs to have good english language skills (as the blog has international scope) and is willing and capable of writing about twice a week about….well, anything. From art to technical stuff to mundane things like the bus rides to work. The condition here is that it needs to be funny and interesting. The blog is satirical in nature and everyone needs a good laugh now and then.

For those interested, please leave something I can read of your, whether it’s a review you did or your short stories or anything longer than a hundred words so I (and other readers) can see what you’re capable of.  There’s no time limit or winning criteria. People’s vote. I’ll probably make a blog post at the end of the month if i get enough candidates where everyone can vote for the people they like.

Till then I hope you consider it and if you don’t but know someone who would be ideal for the job please feel free to send it along.

Cheers plebs.

Something wrong with that picture

I wake up in the morning and right of the bat my first thought of the day is “I love society”. You wanna know why that is people? …….I’ll tell you anyway asshole! It’s because of all the morons. Every morning I have a ritual. Wake up -> drink tea/eat breakfast -> Go to work -> check my social networks -> ch……wait. Back up a second.

Now the thing about social networks is that you have all your friends and bands and such in one place. So when a picture like this comes along…

I mean….holy shit. It’s the ass of the chick from “The ring” or in my country more appropriately “Ghiulu'”. Now some of you might think that this is a one time thing. But it’s not. I see something like this about 5 times a day. Now what the hell is wrong with this world? I can think of at least 3 things that are wrong with this picture.

2. What the hell is it with the over-sized flowers? (and glitter art in other places. it’s like the person has a LITERALLY sparkling personality. Someone light a match)
3. Is….is that a messenger ID on her photo? It is, isn’t it? Is this chick  so desperate that she’s throwing her ID at possible perverts all over the net? This kid had no love from her parents as a child. I’d imagine that she get raped while still in school.

I’m kidding…… BUT REALLY. This is some stupid shit. And for some reason this isn’t the only thing I don’t get. Others use other moronic means to do the same shit. Like taking photos in mirrors with their phone. Wow. Good job Sherlock. Mommy and daddy don’t know that you like posing in your PJs and posting them all over the internet. And more over, the quality of the photo isn’t good enough to put on a food stamp.

With something so stupid on the internet every morning it just makes me feel better about being me. Honestly, photos like this make listening to say…..Bjork almost bearable. And that’s some scary shit right there. So if you wanna be considered a moron that’s crying out for attention just stay away from mirrors while taking photos, stop with the glitter art cause people might think you’re dissipating in front of the camera and ask your parents to buy you a normal camera. Phones were never meant to take photos. It’s a novelty feature at best.

Oh….and there’s this website called that has a lot more of these type of people that usually cracks me up. Check it out, laugh your ass off and take notes on what NOT to do in front of a camera.

Cheers ladies and gents.