Void warranties

New ‘House’ episode out and it’s really freakish. The details aren’t really important but it’s full of twists as usual. But the thing that it got me thinking about is how much these people are fucked up. Then it got me thinking how damaged I was and still am in more ways than one. But then I wonder who else might be damaged? The people on the streets, the ones living in cardboard boxes? The people out night after night in the same damn bar with the same damn drinks or possibly even the person collecting Facebook friends like pokemon. So by that definition we’re all fucked.

But that somehow imposes a problem, you see. For if I were to say that I am fucked (not as much as I’d like to be mind you and not nearly the same way) then I’d be a lunatic. But if there are two of us rocking the boat then we have a click, add a few more and we have a merry little short bus heading for a class of damaged people. What next? A school? The city of the disturbed? Does it ever actually end?

Here’s my theory. We aren’t as much fucked (or at least the word somehow stops applying) as we are alienated from our own cultural background. I mean, just think about it, what do we actually describe as “fucked up”? A subject or situation with which we adversely identify. So what is it that dishes out such animosity in the first place? Are we trying to be the social norm? Hardly. If anything we all follow the same pattern as anyone else, we just get different colors of the rainbow. I think we’re just trying to discover what it actually means to live in the 21st century while our brain is still trying to grasp at straws to things that our parents, grandparents and everything that history has set in our heads from a very early age.

We don’t really see the specifics of a problem as much as we see a bunch of pieces to something that our brains identify as “damaged”. So in all fairness I really don’t see how we could pretend that anyone else is f’d till we’ve considered that we’re held in the same light by others. This in no way means that we should all join hands and dance around the statue of the all mighty turd creature in brotherly (or sisterly depending on what’s dangling on your end) harmony. By all means, hate each other as much as you can. No need to kill the other guy but hate is good. It inspires power and a deep rooted feeling of what you DON’T WANNA BE. But that’s another story.

In closing I guess the skinny is really that looking outward doesn’t mean there’s nothing to see in your own “room” and mutually the fact that you feel that you’re one short step away from falling off the deep end doesn’t mean that you’re the only one and in no way does it mean that the only thing left to do is take one last hop and skip down a short peer.

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