Why some technology is better than others

Now, if you haven’t already heard of it there’s this saying “I’m too poor to buy cheap things” you’d better learn it and fast. I’m a good friend of technology and I love all things flashy but there are just some things that I hate. Like I would never buy an iPod or any Apple brand device. Why? Cause it’s like the ultimate electronic version of racism. An iPhone won’t connect to a Windows computer, only to a Mac over bluetooth, an iPad won’t use normal Flash so it gets left out of the loop, an iPod will sometimes crash if connected to Windows and won’t boot at all under Linux.

This is also one of the main reasons why I have specific tastes in IT hardware and RARELY if ever deviate from them and even then it’s usually in favor of a newer yet unknown brand. Today I’m mostly pissed about one of our laptops that went on the fritz after 2 years with some weird keyboard+mouse+usb crippling bug. Fine one moment, gone the next. Figured I’d do all the routines before anything else so I tried everything from the usual Ctrl+Alt+Del to booting it to BIOS to opening it up, taking it apart and putting it back together again with no hope. So after a few hours of googleing it I found out that the specific model (Acer Aspire 5100) breaks after a while. And I don’t mean a few of them but like an epidemic. No hope, no solution, just change the motherboard and it’ll work for a while but I don’t see any cost-effective way of fixing it.

So the point is really this: 1. it’s never worth skimming a couple of hundreds off the top when it comes to electronics and 2. someone should beat the living shit out of the people that thought this would be categorized as a minor design flaw. Not all of us work for Acer so most people don’t get a discount on laptops. Never ever ever buy the brand.


    • Tomek
    • August 10th, 2010
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