Long time no see

I know, I know. It’s been a very long time since I last wrote something. But with good reason. I really really really needed to get a life. So I browsed for a new one. Going back for a few weeks…probably a month…or two. So basically I’ve recently started working at another company called Webfoo. Great people. We actually had a team building weekend recently and to tell the truth I was reluctant at first (that and severe food poisoning) but they dragged me out of the house, tied me to the bumper and took me along for the ride. Ok….it was more like the back seat, but still…

As it were I’ve been so busy these past few weeks that I hardly had time to go to the bathroom much less write. Today’s a special case cause I’m still waiting on work to do itself. :p It’s gonna be a long hard winter in hell till I’ll actually start having time to myself again but to the most part I like my job enough to actually be happy with that idea. And as the economy crumbles, stocks plummet….people race to the streets….men, women and children live in parks….an entire nation homeless….wait…the Stock Market crash is over isn’t it? Anyway, I’m just glad I have a job and even happier that I’m part of the few people that get to profess in what they like even in my….special circumstances.

In another headline I’ll recently be starting another category here that’ll focus more on my own learning curve than my personal life. So basically it’s going to be me sharing what I’ve learned in the past two years or so with anyone that wants to learn and it’s mostly going to include a bit of HTML, a bit of programming, maybe some DTP (that’s Desktop publishing for some of you out there) and some design etiquette for those of you that feel way too artsy cause let’s face it…..we work well when we all work on the same thing.

In closing I’d like to ask everyone to share their ideas on some good TV shows out there. Papa’s been feeling a bit lonely since all his favorites went on summer break. Burn Notice is slow, there’s this show called Warehouse 13 that’s awesome but sadly Wednesdays are a long wayz away, Psych takes too long to shoot and House doesn’t start till September. So if anyone has any good shows they’d like to share (first to suggest Weeds or Lost gets a free bullet through their anus) please share.

Cheers everyone.

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