Have you ever had the feeling that there is some sort of weird plan, some…sick and twisted part of the universe that’s just out to get you? I’m asking cause I’ve had that feeling for a while now. Like I’m the only one that gets it stuck to for no apparent reason. I’ve tried running the numbers and what I came up with is just impossible. There is no way that so many things could happen the way they do unless there is some purposeful force of nature that just has it in for me.

Some times I honestly think there’s a reason for that. But then again I probably deserver it to some extent. Maybe it’s karma. At this point I’m honestly prepared to believe anything. Either that or I finally reached my limit and need to be put down. Any thoughts?

    • Tomek
    • February 28th, 2010

    Is it just me, or are your last two entries totally controversial? There is no9 god, never was, never will be. If you wanna believe in something, try George Carlin’s belief. He was a sun worshiper. The sun gives us light and warmth and so… life. It doesn’t judge, it doesn’t punish. (maybe some African natives would argue with that, bu fuck this is the european climate…)

      • ancarius
      • February 28th, 2010

      If you had 40% of my life you’d start to consider the alternatives. Cause at some point or another you really start thinking who’s fucking you over on a global level.

        • Tomek
        • February 28th, 2010

        would that be me?

        • ancarius
        • February 28th, 2010

        Not unless you have supernatural powers that can influence random events in time. And I’m guessing you can’t so you’re not. 😛

  1. Tave u thought that is actually u (your “higher conscience”) behind all these? And u’re attracted to those events that would lead u to that point of realising some stuff, or transforming inside somehow, a point u’ve already established somewhere at another level?

      • ancarius
      • March 6th, 2010

      I have. And I really don’t think so. I try really hard not to be counter-productive. And most things are so weird that there is no way I could be responsible.

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