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Ok kiddies. It’s been a long week and an even longer month trying to get this blog running instead of crawling at a slow and almost suicidal pace but it’s getting there. So the thing is this. I see that there are a lot of people that come and go on my blog and some of you people actually read what I write but you see, the problem is this. I get little to no feedback from you people. YOU DON’T NEED TO LOG IN!!!

The site does not need you to log in in order to comment. You just write a name, whatever comes to mind, and comment. And then you pass the blog along so your friends can read it. It’s that simple. I mean what is wrong with you people? Are you dyslexic? Are you blind? You can’t use a computer? Do something? Some times I think that I’m just writing this thing for myself in private. So please, comment and pass it along. I can’t promise anything but I do intend to get the blog going and eventually do some other things so later on if it gets going I might do one of those T-shirt give-aways where if you recommend the blog to enough people you get a shirt with a MedicatedLogic tag and some funny clipart or something but for now it’s just charity.

Now beyond that there’s this thing that I’m doing this month where I’m taking on new people to write on the blog. Let’s face it, two to more heads are better than one. Hmmmm…..head goooooood. *clear throat*

So the only conditions are that the person that wants to join needs to have good english language skills (as the blog has international scope) and is willing and capable of writing about twice a week about….well, anything. From art to technical stuff to mundane things like the bus rides to work. The condition here is that it needs to be funny and interesting. The blog is satirical in nature and everyone needs a good laugh now and then.

For those interested, please leave something I can read of your, whether it’s a review you did or your short stories or anything longer than a hundred words so I (and other readers) can see what you’re capable of.  There’s no time limit or winning criteria. People’s vote. I’ll probably make a blog post at the end of the month if i get enough candidates where everyone can vote for the people they like.

Till then I hope you consider it and if you don’t but know someone who would be ideal for the job please feel free to send it along.

Cheers plebs.

    • she who splashes in tubs
    • October 23rd, 2010

    Splishy splashy comment. We want more articles. It has been a while. rant rant rant, get on a train already.

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