“Do you understand me boy with Down Syndrome?”

Sometimes it’s just really weird how the obvious meaning of something completely evades some people. I’m surprised they got out of pubirty like that. It’s just frustrating that some people lack the basic concept of what I try to say in my blogs. I should try and get some help like all the politicians problem is I don’t wanna start a blog about lies. But back to the point it’s really surprising how simple words invented ages ago, learned by millions and still we have to explain stuff 20 times before someone still gets it…

So basicly it’s frustrating. I don’t even know sometimes why we have so many languages. I mean sure if you believe that God did this to us it must be really fucked up but if not then it’s just really weird. Someone said once that we should all fuck till we’re the same color. I say throw in the linguistics and I’m in. Either that or just please shoot the mother fucker that doesn’t understand me!

Now to clear things up from a conversation I had with a friend earlier:

I really don’t hate everyone. There are actually some really nice people out there that I wish I could know and get closer to. There are lately people I get along with really well and I’m extremely happy for that…but don’t expect me to mix with every piece of shit out there and try to be understanding of them. If people hate me that much then I have every right to start an all out war.

Now where did I leave that shotgun?

    • Iulia mica
    • December 31st, 2009

    Dude come on, “pubirty” and “basicly” ? And to think I look up to you.

      • ancarius
      • December 31st, 2009

      I was young and careless. But ai spek god english now. 😀

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