Reintroduced to the wild

Welcome one — and all! to my new and improved blog on the gloriously stylish wordpress format. Today begins a new era of dominating your mind not only with my own junk but the mistifying look and feel of an up to date server. Cheers. Saddly seeing as my eyes already feel heavier than a trailer-mom’s ass cheeks I’m not even gonna try to do anything with sprusing the place up till tomorrow BUT…….I just really felt the urge to tell you that I am alive and well and can be found at my new address at Medicated Logic with the same link as the name in case you can’t figgure that out for yourself.


Stay tuned and we’ll get started on our brand new and totally exciting topics as soon as I get 48 hours of rest starting with WOMEN! Won’t that be fun? Thought so. So don’t forget to bookmark and beat it.

Oh…and I’m watching you! Indeed. The lovely new server actually gives me the power to see how, where and when the posts were viewed……so think happy thoughts. Big brother knows best.

    • Iulia
    • May 13th, 2009

    Oh dear, not again, not another one, god have mercy on us.

    it’s *figure*

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